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Our Dental Team


Gerda, Office Administrator. Gerda is the longest serving team member of Tapestry Dental, having worked here for 35 years. You can be sure Gerda will greet you with a warm smile when you walk in the front door. Gerda is very knowledgeable regarding your dental plan information and is always willing to help you understand your benefits. In her spare time, Gerda enjoys going for long bike rides with her husband and boating.


Kuldip, Office Administrator. Kuldip has been with Tapestry Dental for nearly 30 years. In the earlier part of her career, Kuldip worked as a certified dental assistant, so she brings a wealth of experience from the dental operatory to the front desk. She also brings a lot of energy to her job and is always willing to assist you in helping to understand your treatment needs. Kuldip is fluent in Punjabi. In her spare time Kulip enjoys spending time with her family including her grand daughter.


Brittany, Certified Dental Assistant. Brittany is a versatile team member of Tapestry Dental, capable of working at the front desk and at the back end as a certified dental assistant. You will always see Brittany with a smile on her face as she goes about her work. Taking care of her family, including two twin boys keeps Brittany very busy.


Gina, Certified Dental Assistant. Gina brings extensive experience to the team, having been with Tapestry Dental for over 25 years. Gina is super organized, enjoying the fast paced nature of working in a busy dental practice. In her spare time Gina enjoys camping, boating and listening to music.

Patricia, Certified Dental Assistant

Jacquelyn, Certified Dental Assistant

Sherrie, Certified Dental Assistant

Christine, Office Administrator


Arlene, Registered Dental Hygienist. Arlene has been in the dental field for over 25 years. Starting out as a dental assistant, Arlene went on to study dental hygiene at VCC. Arlene a great motivator, working with our patients to ensure they stay at optimum dental health. In her spare time Arlene likes to crochet.

Simran, Registered Dental Hygienist

Sukhi, Registered Dental Hygienist

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