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Full Mouth Restoration

Do you have worn or chipped teeth? Is your bite collapsed? Do you have trouble finding a comfortable bite? The solution to these problems may involve a process called a full mouth restoration, also known as a full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation.

The process begins with the doctor gathering information through a detailed examination,  photographs and the making of plaster models. Then the doctor will carefully plan out how to restore your mouth. Sometimes a Phase 1 of treatment is necessary, using composite bonding to build up your bite as a test phase for your comfort and appearance. The advantage of a two-phase approach is that you can test drive your bite in Phase 1 before proceeding to a more involved Phase 2. Also, the cost of Phase 2 can often be spread out over a longer period of time with a two-phase approach, as opposed to an all-at-once cost. Phase 2 of treatment often involves placing crowns, bridges and veneers on your teeth to restore them to proper form and function. Sometimes the use of dental implants or partial dentures are required as well.

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