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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry Delta BC

At Tapestry Dental, we feel that magnification is the cornerstone technology of our practice. We are therefore committed to using advanced magnification and lighting to ensure you will receive a thorough diagnosis of your mouth as well as the highest level of dental care. The use of the dental operating microscope and dental loupes enables our dentists to see a magnified view of your mouth.

Benefits of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

  • Ability to see your teeth clearly and with a much greater detail,
  • Ability to detect and treat small cavities and cracks in your teeth before they become a bigger problem,
  • Ensuring a sound fit of any lab-made restorations such as crowns, bridges and veneers.
  • Excellent finish of any direct restorations such as bonded composite fillings,
  • Better root canal treatment.
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